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Why You Need an LED Video Wall! | LED Video Wall Rental

The LED video wall has been around for quite some time now, but is still very widespread and used commonly to promote one’s business or services digital – saving a lot on money as you can easily change the adverts displayed on them. Why? Because everything is DIGITAL!

Since video walls are the in thing now to help grow your business, how else can you get one for yourself if it’s out of your budget to buy one? Well, luckily there is LED video wall rental!

LED video wall rental really comes in useful if you want to temporarily promote your business or product in a certain area, whether it is in a shopping mall booth or by the sidewalk. This would in return save you on your budget, allowing you to maximize the usage of an LED video wall in the short period of time you plan to use it.

Did you know?

LED video walls now use individual light emitting diodes (LEDs), which usually start from 0.5mm in size to create each pixel. When these LEDs are placed closely to each other, a high resolution is produced. This is one of the reasons people are favouring LED video wall rental, as opposed to other signages. Many screens or displays are put together in an almost seamless arrangement to produce one image. Since this is usually the choice for a large signage, this can be done by scaling the image or video to any size or shape, without sacrificing quality, as with one huge screen.

LED video wall rental also has a direct correlation with the need for digital advertising. In the modern world, we see advertisements everywhere, and even if we don’t realise it, we are seeing most of these advertisements, not via a hard copy, but through a digital screen. For example, in shopping malls, there’s an increase of signage like LED video walls, instead of old-fashioned posters. We are unconsciously attracted to the brightness and even the arrangement of an LED video wall. Thus, companies, in an attempt to advertise, or to alert people about an issue, or a product, opt for LED video wall rental.

These video walls are also made to function for long periods of time, without much maintenance or servicing. This allows the renter to save more money, while still putting on a fabulous display. Video walls can also vary a lot in size, mainly because it may be used for different purposes, from place to place. In a control room, it may be a bit small, but perhaps in a stadium, it will be much bigger, to allow people from all over the stadium to see it clearly with ease. Despite a bigger display usually leading one to believe it to be more “worthy” than a smaller display, LED video walls do not always fall under this assumption. It is always eye-catching, whatever the size of the display. Such is the worthiness of a LED video wall.

Renting a LED video wall is something that you can do too and it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Go with those experienced in the field and in this case, we highly recommend Visual Formula, a digital advertising company that goes all the way to ensure that your advert turns out just right! At Visual Formula (http://visualformula.com.my/), professionally trained people will help you go through you LED video wall rental process with ease. Contact them now!

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