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Understanding Video Wall Solutions | Video Wall Solutions

Let’s start from the basics – what is a video wall? An ordinary video wall consists of multiple flat screens, arranged uniformly to form a unit that projects images or videos in the form of a single, large screen. These video walls use the normal array of LED lights to form a display.

One can often be confused by the term video wall solutions. Well, video wall solutions are ways in which these ordinary video walls can be made better for daily use.

A few video wall solutions are by using narrower LCD bezels, a faster processor and power-efficient LED lights.

The first video wall solution is by narrowing the LCD bezel. A bezel is the panel that covers the front part of a screen. By narrowing the bezel, the gap between each screen decreases and offers a seamless display for viewing the image or video. However, narrowing the bezels makes servicing the video wall much more difficult, so video walls with narrower bezels are fitted with long serviceability and are much more higher priced than normal video walls.

Second, a video wall solution that offers video walls a high-speed processor creates a seamless effect when displaying images and videos. The fast processor is able to accept information, the faster it can carry out the response quicker and project the desired displays and visuals. This makes the images or videos slide in and out of frame fluidly without any hiccups and gives the video wall a sleek and expensive look.

Next, power-efficient LED lights is another great video wall solution. The LED lights are manufactured to use as little energy possible while still being able to provide the same light intensity and resolution that is needed to display images or videos.

Video walls are often used in demanding areas like control rooms and bustling hubs. In places like these, one would most definitely need a bright and precise display to relay information and messages accurately and uniquely. With these video wall solutions, these problems can take a back seat!

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