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The Many Wonders of Technology | Interactive Video Walls

The usage of interactive video walls is gaining momentum throughout this world. What is an interactive video wall, though? In simple terms, it is an LED video wall, but one that interacts, or rather, involves people in whatever purpose it serves.

A video wall is a screen made up of several monitors placed together in a tile-like fashion. An interactive video wall, is also placed the same way, and looks just like an ordinary video wall. However, it can be used in many more ways, and thus can serve more purposes.

The most popular kind of interactive video wall, is one that incorporates a touch screen. This type is also the most well-known type. This is because, it can be used for various needs.

One way in which a touch screen video wall can be used is to serve customers better. A salesperson can easily guide a potential customer, through whatever services or products offered, using finger-based gestures. This includes flicking, to go to the next screen, for example, or pinching, to zoom into something. This is easy to use as well, since most people are accustomed to touch screen-based technology like smartphones. This also allows the customer to get a better feel of the product, being able to see a 3D presentation of the model or product, instead of a 2D image of it.

Other interactive video walls may have motion sensors. This means, that how a person moves may be conveyed as something on the video wall. For example, if this was to be used for a game, a person, or even several people (for a multi-player game) might have to duck or swerve to play it, as a game character might in the virtual game. This involves people on a more physical level, and is well received, especially if one wants to make it a cool experience.

And of course, our favourite use for interactive video walls are for navigation. Be it digital billboards you use to find your way on a busy street or the interactive directory in shopping malls which help you find the stores you are looking for, interactive video walls are truly our best friends in situations like these. Making like more efficient while saving you a whole lot of time and hassle, all thanks to technology, well interactive video walls specifically in this case!

An interactive video wall is something that can last for a very long time. To make the best out of it, it should be installed and serviced properly and regularly. At Visual Formula (http://visualformula.com.my), this is not a problem for you’ll have a group of professionals, who provide a total digital solution, to guide you throughout your process of getting your very own interactive video wall for your business and more! Now, everyone can look towards a fun, futuristic world that makes lives easier. Contact Visual Formula now, we highly recommend it!

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