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On The Cutting Edge | Digital Signage Companies

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 If you’re reading this right now, imagine what you could do with your message with the power of digital advertising!

In today’s rapidly-evolving world, leaflets, brochures and other forms of conventional advertising are slowly but surely giving way to the revolutionary methods of digital advertising. Attention-grabbing videos, flashing lights and LED signboards are but a few of the newest advancements to pique the interest of a potential customer.

Imagine a busy road, crowded with foot and motor traffic. Your message, spread in bright lights across the way, a beacon of interest in the mundane commute to and from their various destinations. A road user sees it, his attention hooked, and you’ve got yourself a new potential customer!

Statistics show that approximately 92% of all consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations over all other varieties of advertising. With such a formidable wall to scale, engaging the services of a digital signage company may be the perfect solution. It helps to turbo-charge the spreading of awareness about your product, while simultaneously making a sophisticated dent in the world of business.

Cutting-edge digital signage companies have further revamped the world of digital advertising by expanding its scope to include text, image, video and interactive interfaces. This adds the dimension of interaction to pre-existing sight, sound and motion. Let’s say you were to install an interactive signboard in a shopping mall. Passing shoppers need only touch its screen to find out further details about your service such as operating hours or locations. It’s that simple!

At the forefront of digital signage companies, Visual Formulas specializes in making your message easily accessible by a vast multitude of people in our metropolitan city. Static adverts that remain for months at a time can now be set aside in favour of the rapid succession of messages that can be easily broadcast to the general public without the hassle of printing and distribution.

Digital signage companies like Visual Formulas make it simple for you to enhance your own brand. We handle indoor & outdoor signages, interactive kiosks, PA systems and the like to ease the way of our clients. If you find your signage to be experiencing a little hiccup, we’ll be right there on the next business day to help with onsite troubleshooting, in addition to a service and maintenance package that extends even after your warranty period.

In choosing digital signage companies, choose Visual Formulas, a one-stop shop for all your digital advertising needs. Visit http://VisualFormula.com.my , or drop a line to alan@visualformula.com.my today!

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