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Image is Everything | Video Wall Mount

Image is Everything.

In this modern era where image is everything, one question that often plagues us when trying to create a professional, impressive image for our businesses or companies is: how can we showcase ourselves well; using the everyday technology to make it look as impressive as possible?

The answer to this problem doesn’t have to something complex or hard. In fact, it can come in the simple form of a video wall mount.

A video wall mount keeps your LED screen or video wall fixed to a flat surface, typically a wall. Installing a video wall mount to keep your screen attached to a wall or background not only gives it an air of professionalism, it allows easy display to show your clients and customers your accomplishments, your products and more about your business’s history.

This makes your screen more appealing to look at and giving it an added advantage (instead of the ordinary TV stand which is used in most homes) to easily attract the attention of potential customers, clients and business associates.

With the help of a video wall mount, you will be able to tilt and adjust your screen to the needed angle to create the needed effect or to view certain parts clearer during a presentation or even while doing research. A video wall mount gives you the opportunity to bring your screen to eye level for you to view easily at anytime, even in passing.

And a huge advantage for you is that you save a lot of money and space! When your video wall is mounted onto a surface, you save space in terms in buying a table and you can now place this screen anywhere in your office! And now you save money too, as you no longer need to buy these bulky tables to hold your screen.

The maximum weight a video wall mount can take varies according to many factors, primarily being the build of the mount itself. However, customizing a video wall mount to fit the needs of your screen would be the safest and easiest way to make sure your screen is displayed at the right place, height and angle to fit your requirements.

Setting up a proper, well fitting video wall mount for your display screen is important to not only keep your screen secure but also enables one to customize the look of your overall LED screens to make them look the way you want it to. Arranging your screens according to the way you want them to look with the help of a video wall mount makes viewing, research, advertisement and the general use of LED screens and video walls much easier while giving your company or organization that sophisticated image.

And as we know, image is everything.

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